December 07, 2012

Is it March yet?

Caption optional

Deep Contemplation

 Should I fish here or just stand here and admire nature's fine work of art?

Opening Morning.

 There is something special about the early season.  The feeling of being the first angler to set foot on the stream is magical.

The Morning's Light

Stinging nettles and wild parsnip are everywhere you look.  Can it get any better?

December 05, 2012

This Is An Early Season Hole

Many holes fish differently from spring to summer.

This is one of those holes.

By the end of May this hole is clogged with weeds and

nearly unfishable.

I have caught sweet fish in here in the early season and

been skunked in June and September here.

Mark a hole like this in your fishing log as a

"Seasonal Hole"

December 04, 2012

I Took My Own Advice

 I went scouting yesterday for an hour and a half.

The warm weather and overcast was more than I could stand.

The 30 inch female from 2 seasons ago still haunted me.

I did some thinking about that big of a trout.

She would need the deepest hole in the area to winter in.

Only one came to mind.

I went out to the hole and sat down.

25 minutes of sitting and nothing.

I contemplated walking upstream.

Just before I was going to stand up I saw movement at the top
of the run.

Then there was a giant wake and I saw a flash of brown spots.

Those spots were the same from 2011 last day of season.

I have found her again.

December 03, 2012

Tis The Season To Go Scouting

September 30th every year small stream trout season closes. It does not open again until the first Saturday in March. Those 5 months of closed season seem endless for the diehard trout anglers. I have found a way to ease your pain.
  Right after Wisconsin's deer season I start scouting and asking permission for the 2013 trout season. The weeds are down and it makes it much easier to walk. The trout have not been pestered for at least 2 months and are less shy. The bottom vegetation has also died off and you can see some hidden lays. Scouting on overcast days are better than sunny days due to the sun making trout weary and feeling exposed.
 This is also a good time to ask farmers permission to fish in the Spring. Showing up on a door step in full waders can put a land owner out. Showing up in December with your young daughter or son to ask permission is less in your face and your permission receiving will sky rocket. If you don't have a young child to take with you borrow one from a friend. Land owners are much less likely to say "NO" when you have a young kid standing beside you when you ask. Remember to be courteous if you are told "NO" because that landowner will remember you when you ask the next year.

Get off the couch and go scout. Make sure you take your camera along and a neighbor kid if you have none of your own when asking for new permission.