April 14, 2014

My Favorite Trout Water

Finished My Book Today

I finished writing my book today. I still need to have Barb edit it for me. I am torn on possible cover art.  Here are the options?

April 13, 2014

Small Stream Brown Trout

Brown trout come in many colors around by me.  Their colors are influenced by the waterways they live in and what they eat.  Their blood lines also have some influence on their coloring.
Browns were brought here by Europeans from Germany, England and Scotland.
 Male browns are the flashy dressers in the trout world.

Female browns are more washed out and muted than males.

The bottom make up can be a determining factor in the coloring of your trout.
This mutant colored brown was caught on a large waterway with no trees on either side and the bottom was sandy.  My guess would be this trout is female.

This beautiful brown was caught in a small spring creek.  It lived in a tree root.  I would guess male only because of its outstanding colors.

When browns are small they are very hard to distinguish if they are male or female.  The older male browns have more of a pointed snout and sometimes develop a hooked bottom jaw called a kype.
The females have more of a rounded and shorter snout unless they are extremely old.  Then they can get more of an elongated snout.
The trout on the left is a massive female brown with an equally impressive male brown on the right.  The kype is quite pronounced on this huge male brown.

 Female browns can grow longer than their brothers even in the same environments.

Male or female brown?
What are your guesses on the final 2 browns?

Bridge Fishing In Richland

was hopping around yesterday at bridges to talk to other anglers.

I went to my bridge nearby that the DNR typically drops in brooder bows.

There were fish at the bridge but not bows. I went back to the truck to get my rod.

The school of about 20 trout looked to be medium sized browns. I cast right off the bridge at them and had a hook up immediately. It was a colorful fish. I thought "stocker bows" as the fish got closer to the bridge I got excited. It looked like a 14/15 inch male brookie. I hobbled down the bank very carefully and landed what I thought was a huge male brookie.

One close up glance at the brookie and I became disappointed. Yes it was a big male brookie but the fins were tiny and bent and the bottom of the tail was worn from a raceway.

It was the ugliest 15 inch brookie had ever seen. Not worth a picture. Had never caught a brookie in this stream in my life because it gets way too warm in the hot summer to sustain a population of brookies.