November 19, 2017

Trying A New Pike Lure

I went to Sauk on Friday and talked to my good friend Wally Banfi about an encounter I had with a large pike in open water.  Wally has been a musky guide for many years.  He questioned me on the type of water and forage fish in the area.

Wally recommended a Storm 360GT soft bait with a rattle jig head in 4.5 inches.  He told me to fish it in search mode and not to pump it of jig it.  Just to cut up the area in a circle and fish it 360 at a normal retrieve.

Will give it a whirl tomorrow.

Barb Rocks


November 18, 2017

Fifty Years Ago

He loved the outdoors.
His life revolved around it.
His seasons were not Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
They were fishing and hunting seasons.
50 years ago he went to the big trout stream in the sky.
He was doing what he loved when he left us.

Len Harris Sr.

November 10, 2017

Cabbage Ala Len

2 pounds thick bacon browned....then add 2 heaping tablespoon diced garlic and 1.5 yellow onions large head cabbage cut up...bacon concoction placed on top of cabbage...simmering on my stove.