July 24, 2016

Are You A Hardcore Trout Angler?

Does your vehicle smell like fish because your net has been used so many times it reeks?

Will you almost stand on your head to land a nice fish?

If a snow storm does not deter you.

Have you crawled up to a nice hole and cast from the prone position?

Have you been disappointed when you didn't cast into the mess far enough?

Have you layer up so much you can barely get your arms to your side?

Have you smiled instead of grimaced when water went over your waders?

Browns In Surprise Places

six inches of water tight against the bank near a small tree root.
six inches of water at top of run tight to bank
four inches of water hugging a medium sized rock.
in a 10 inch wide trickle about 4 inches deep tight to side.

July 23, 2016


 In the last dozen years I have spoken at many schools
 I did it all free with no strings attached
 Thousands of children sat on the edge of their seats.
 I imparted my thoughts to them and molded them.
 Karma has been served. I influenced many children.
 I spoke all over the drifless,
 I even wandered down to Illinois a few times.
 My love of the outdoors was evident to the kids.
What have you done for future anglers?

Scored a few permissions on my wanderings.

photo archive

July 22, 2016

Half A Million Hits

My blog will pass the half a million hits threshold in the next couple months.

Here are some of my favorite blog post from through the years:

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 True legit driftless royalty.