June 27, 2016


My kid turns 20 next month.

June 23, 2016

Coffee Table Book

was thinking about self publishing a photo book or a coffee table book of my photos. Any of you ever done it? Anyone think good idea or bad?

Anyone have an established publisher that does a good job? I don't want multiple photos on each page...two at the most and majority full pages.

The Jungle

weeds to the stream's edge.  weeds in the water. Gnats and mosquitoes dive bombing my face.

I nearly called it a day by 9am.

A little change of scenery and some nicely manicured pasture put the bounce back in my step.

28 browns to hand.

No large browns landed today.

Had 2 browns in 18 range wave at me. 

One sky walker on hook up and unbutton. Very nice brown 22-23 inch range for a tiny stream is amazing.  Really got my heart pumping. Logged in the return trip file.

June 20, 2016

Monday Archive Photos

Books For Sale: The Stream Of Time

 The hidden valleys and trout streams of Southwestern Wisconsin are calling your name! The Stream of Time by Len Harris will make you feel like you are there as you experience the adrenaline rush of hooking a huge brown trout on your line. Smell the sweet meadowland wildflowers and feel the supple green grass under your feet as you wander through the tranquility, visiting places and times that will surely put laughter in your heart and, perhaps, a tear in your eye

Purchase from me by sending cash or check for $12.00

Len Harris
419 E. South Street
Richland Center, WI

Will autograph copies from me.


Amazon Review

on February 2, 2013
After growin up in a distopian remnant of the industrial age town in middle america, finding this book on a shelf in a beautiful little family owned bookstore in nowhere Wisconsin was very refreshing. It's full of stories. Stories similar to the ones i heard growing up. Stories that a little old Croatian Grandma would tell me about Wisconsin. A land of wonder! This book is personal, full of family insight, and it connects us to a wonderful period of time. And then there's the fishin tales. Out of this world! While on a fishing trip to the Smoky Mountains a year or so back, i was able to read a few stories aloud to MY family sitting around a wood stove of a morning. Len's stories brought tears to all of our eyes and it was a very endearing moment. Thanks Len Harris, for writing a book about the simple pleasures of life, the outdoors, and that never ending, always changing, STREAM OF TIME. Buy the book! It's worth it.

You can also buy my book on Amazon


Books For Sale: Brigadoon Creek

 Brigadoon Creek is right around the next bend a couple counties over. Don’t let your dreams fade away with time. Brigadoon Creek only appears once every 100 years, making it impossible for any angler to visit this mythical and magical place more than once in a lifetime. We trout anglers are dreamers.

Purchase from me by sending cash or check for $12.00

Len Harris
419 E. South Street
Richland Center, WI

Will autograph copies from me.


Review from Amazon

By: Winston Ostrow on March 4, 2015

There's often one fellow among a group of friends who dominates talk around a campfire. Why? Because he has a wealth of good stories and knows how to share them. Len Harris is such a fellow. His new book, Brigadoon Creek, is a worthy continuation of this original nonfiction short story collection, The Stream of Time.

Len hails from the Driftless Area of the Midwest (Wisconsin) and most of his stories are set there, although he does wander as far as Germany.

Len employs no literary devices or tricks. He gives us plainspoken tales arising out of his life filled with authenticity and sincerity. Fish and fishing occupy center stage, but Len embodies the opposite of Thoreau's observation that men often mistake fish to be the purpose of fishing. Len writes about life; his life, and also everyman's life.

There's not much here in the way of technical fishing advice. Len is as comfortable with bait and spinners as he is with a fly rod. His audience should include, but also extend well beyond the fly fishing fraternity.

The advice Len does offer about fishing and about life is heartfelt and hard earned. For example, about fishing he advises "Most of all keep an open mind and let a nine year old trout master help you if he offers." This comes at the end of a humble and delightful story that shows us that not all teachers are older or have academic degrees; everyone and every experience has something to offer. The story also sheds light on the value and persistence of tradition.

This book is well worth your time if you are among the lucky, possibly few, souls who cans still enjoy a good life story told around a campfire. 
You can purchase from Amazon:

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