September 14, 2020

Trip Report "Groundhog's Day"

 The bed felt too good this morning so I didn't get out of the house until 10am.  I targeted a stretch I had fished 2 weeks ago again.  I had lost a decent one near the end of that outing and wanted a rematch.

August 29th female I caught on that stretch.

Got to where I had caught her 2 weeks ago and stood exactly where I has stood on the 29th and fired the exact same type and size of panther martin in the same lay as the last time.

The lure was thumped and fish on.  I slid down to the water's edge and sat exactly where I did  on the 29th and netted this brown.

Trout get way too much credit for being a smart species.  I felt like I was in the movie

"Groundhog's Day"

Landed 13 total there and moved on to another stream and landed 17 guppies there.


Upon further review...I believe they are different fish...Good...I prefer catching 2 different fish.

Closed Bottle Gentian

 In Kickapoo Valley Reserve yesterday.  I had never seen this kind of flower before.  There were bees buzzing it and only the bumble bees were strong enough to part the petals to collect pollen.  The flower actually closed behind it when it entered the flower and the bumblers left looking like they were dusted in yellow.

bottle gentian, closed gentian, or closed bottle gentian

September 12, 2020

What do you see?

 Do you see a barrier or a challenge?

You know my answer.

September 11, 2020

Trip Report "Chris Young" "Two Streams"

 We were on the water at 7:45 this morning.  It rained 2 days straight and I did a wander about yesterday in search of clean water.

We hit a Richland County stream first.  Chris had his way with the browns today.

He lost another just before the net that would have challenged for big of the day.

We changed streams and we were amazed how many folks were out fishing at noon on a Friday.  Each bridge had at least one car on it.  Two cars at most.

I decided a head water area with scenery was fitting.  I took him my most scenic brookie stream.

Chris landed about a dozen brookies there.

Chris wowed at the stream I took him too.  He said it was one of prettiest streams he had ever fished.

There was some bonus scenery too.

I shared the story with Chris about the homestead from 1918.

Chris caught a few more brookies and walked out to our vehicle.

September 08, 2020

Brook Trout

Spawning Colors....

Non-spawning colors 

Bouquets for my dearie

I like taking photos of wildflowers I find on stream and sending them on Facebook to my sweetheart

September 07, 2020

Trip Report "New Personal Best Brook Trout"

Went fishing today and hooked into a large trout.  Initially I thought it was a brooder rainbow.  I cursed to myself and thought :  "Who let this DNR hatchery reject into one of my streams in Crawford County."

That thought evaporated when I got it closer and realized it was the biggest brook trout I have ever caught in my life and it had shoulders.

September 01, 2020

Trip Report "Fishing In The Rain"

Fished in the morning with Chris Young.  Watched mostly.  Decided I needed an easy spot to scratch my trout itch.  Was on the water about 12:30pm.  It was the stream I considered mine when I was younger.

I picked an easy stretch of pasture not too long because I was a little worn out from fishing all morning.

The clouds thickened up and it started to sprinkle ever so slightly.  I love fishing in the rain.  It typically turns the trout on.

The rain did not disappoint me.

Left water at 2pm. 28 to hand. 26 browns and 2 brookies.  Lost big fish of the day just before I exited the water.  Was a big SOB.

Stopped by at the cemetery and said hello to Ma, Kate and Dad.

Trip Report "Spring Creek And Spiders"

Chris Young and I hit the water at 7:30am and got off at noon.  I took Chris to a classic "spring creek" in my home water.  We hit the head waters in search of a tiger. I watched mostly.  Chris landed approximately 35 trout.  It was a decent mixture of brooks and browns.  No tiger to be had.  I landed approximately 15 on that stretch.

Chris found a couple photo subjects for me.  Everyone knows I like to take photos of spiders.  All the dew on the weeds and fog made it hard to get decent spider photos...I tried.

Some type of garden spiders...will identify later.  Second one was much smaller.

I wore Chris out so he headed home.  I headed to another easy spot in my home water.

August 25, 2020

A photo that captures it

What are you doing when you take a photo? You are trying to capture the moment or maybe even an emotion.

When I look at this photo it makes me giddy with anticipation. The blind potential of what lies beneath is there in the photo.

Thank you Jim Furley for capturing this moment perfectly.

August 22, 2020

Trip Report "Thank You Jim Furley"

I truly enjoy fishing with Jim.  He is as good with a spinning rod as me. I know when I go fishing with him I am going to have a good time. We met up at 5:40am in Crawford County.  We were on the water by 6am.  The fishing was slow at first but it did not dampen our spirts.  Jim has an excellent eye and captures some sweet images.

The combination of the sun sneaking over the hill and illuminating the far bank and the fog lifting in the distance gave the stream a magical feeling.  This is my new favorite photo.

Jim scored the 2 biggest trout of the outing. We caught about 35 between us.

Jim's camera abilities are amazing.

Had a first this outing.  I walked up on a sleeping coyote stream side.  It was only about 10 feet away. It casually stood up and walked away .  Sorry no photo...was a bit dumbfounded.

At the end of our outing I took Jim to a large spring nearby.

I like to call this spring

 "The Mother Of The Driftless Area"...…..

Jim sat where it blasted out of the hillside.  He was surrounded my orange "Touch Me Nots" and taking in the wonders of my favorite spring.

Trout Don't Live In Ugly Places

August 19, 2020

Walter the trout makes the Crawford County independent

I write for three or four papers regularly and I submitted the story to them we'll see if anywhere else runs it.

August 18, 2020

Trip report "going to the dogs"

I typically fish all of my stretches one time during the calendar year. It is a visit the landowner trip. I reaffirm permission and drop off a trout or two if a landowner requests them.

Today I visited a landowner after I was done fishing that I have fished on his land for 25 years. I remember this land owner especially because he has a very friendly black lab that I have been visiting through the years since it was a puppy.

Today when I knocked on the door and gave the landowner a couple trout I asked him where his dog Snickers was. The landowner look down with a sad face and told me that Snickers had passed away this spring. This is the second dog that I was introduced to on this land that has passed away. I was sad for the owner but I bet his pain really ran deep ......14 years having a dog with you non-stop as a farmer has to be heart-wrenching when it passes ... Snickers was a very good dog that loved petting and that loved it's master.

Snickers was buried near the barn where the rest of the pets through the decades have been lovingly laid to rest.

I caught 18 trout today between 6 a.m. at 9 a.m. .

I hope when I visit the same landowner next year he has a new pet to introduce to me.

Losing a dog is like losing a family member.

Snickers, Rusty, Crispy, and Ginger are where all good dogs go.