April 25, 2015

3 Twenty Inchers In One Outing

Went with my friend TK today into Deep Dark and we had an excellent big trout day.

TK landed 22 browns,  One was a 20incher.
I landed 18 browns.  2 were 20 inchers.

If My Cat Could Speak

Tommy would be asking me:  "Dad can I eat that?"

April 24, 2015

Photo Of The Day

Prickly Ash Berries were used in olden days as a teasing agent when kids were getting their first teeth.  Was also used for tooth aches.  Not advised to use in this manner anymore.

April 23, 2015

No Contest

Went out at 9:30am with Chris Young from Chicago.  He is a member of the Lee Wulff Trout Unlimited Chapter there.  Chris uses both a spin rod and fly rod.  He fishes with whatever his fishing partner is using.

The robins egg blue skies made me wonder if we were going to do ok today.

40 yards from  the road my question was answered.

Chris caught his biggest small stream brown of his life.

Chris landed 35 brown on a gold panther martin and had at least another dozen long line releases.  Best day every for number by a large margin and his biggest brown in his life.

One hit with such ferocity Chris said he could feel it all the way to his toes.  Couple of the long liners were 17-18 range trout that got off at shore.

I batted clean-up and landed a dozen browns and 1 brookie.

Photo Of The Day

Wild Bergamot blooms in September and needs lots of water.  They are typically found on pristine trout streams.

In olden days the native americans dried theses flowers and made it into a paste and put on their face as an acne cure.

April 22, 2015

Fishidy Sponsoring "Going Fishing With US Veterans"

I have a giveaway we just launched with our friends at Take a Vet Fishing (http://takeavetfishing.org/) that I'm thinking your audience might be interested in knowing about.

This summer, Take a Vet Fishing is giving away 2 half-day guided fishing trips on the chain of lakes in Madison, WI, and an invitation to join an afternoon's festivities, food, drink, etc. that go towards supporting our U.S. Military Veterans and getting them out on the water fishing.

Those interested can enter the drawing here: http://www.fishidy.com/promos/tavf.