April 06, 2020

Trip Report "Another Monday"

Hit the water at 10am. Overcast and 50 degrees.  Water normal depth and clarity good.

Quit fishing at 3:00pm.

Quit counting at 20 browns and 2 brookies.  Both brookies had gill lice.

Most were micros except this girl on the second cast of the outing.

Many bumps without hook ups today.

April 05, 2020

Trip Report "Face Mask"

Mother in law made a green face mask for me to wear while fishing.  Tried it for 10 minutes.  It fogged up my glasses and pulled off my ears constantly.

Went out at 4:30pm and was home by 6:30pm.  53 degrees and partly cloudy. Water was clear and at normal levels.

I fished until I caught 20 browns and then walked back to the vehicle.  On the road I put my mask back on.

April 02, 2020

Trip Report "The Daze"

I went out on my deck at 10am to take in the warm outside.  As I sat there 3 different neighbors walked by.  Couple dog walkers and a couple joggers. The City Streets Department guys were shoveling leaves into a truck.  A van was driving around the neighborhood with loud music and it was hooking the horn often.  The windows of the van had signs that said:  "We miss you children."  Doudna Teachers sign in other window.

I have been grappling with a dilemma for a couple days.  I want to be a good citizen and socially distance and do my part to stop the spread of Covid-19.  The streets being busy and bustling was more than I could stand.  I would interact with far fewer folks on stream than on my front deck. I was on the water by 10:30am.  I decided to limit my adventures to off the beaten path streams near home.

The conditions were 48 when I arrived. Overcast and water clean and normal levels.

The trout were eager and most times too eager today.  I landed 17 trout by 2pm.  Was still overcast but was 60 degrees. I walked to the vehicle when I had a early season dilemma that really chafes my behind. I am not a supporter of any mandatory catch and release. I release 98 to 99 percent of the fish I catch all the time.

Typically in real season I only keep ones that are for sure in my mind that are not going to make it. My father taught me wanton waste of fish was one of the worst things an angler can do.

This photo is from the second biggest trout of the day.

 He was healthy enough to get a photo of. He swam away with no ill effects.  Add about 4-5 inch and you have my big trout of the day that did "not" get a photo because it inhaled my lure and I had to play surgeon. After unhooking it I attempted to revive the big male brown.  It swam away crooked and disappeared.  Maybe it lived maybe it is raccoon food. My soapbox speech is over.

March 31, 2020

Oh My!!!

Most will not understand. Others their heart rate will go up.

If you don't smile when you see the photo.....

You should take up golf.

March 30, 2020

Trip Report "Get Out Of The House You Are Driving Me Crazy"

I have been like a caged lion for a few days.  The wife knew this no fishing thing was wearing on me.  I even did the dishes and put them away. When I raked the yard she knew it was time.  She told me to put my rods back in the vehicle and get out of the house because I was driving her crazy.

I smiled and said crazy "er". She grabbed my rods and put them by the door.  She told me that my streams were very isolated and I should pick one in Richland County to limit my driving.

I geared up and started thinking on where to go.  I thought headwaters and isolated.  The light bulb went on and I knew the place I was going.  It is a place I have driven by for decades and thought I should fish there some day.  I have never seen another soul on the stretch. I would need to wade it.

Sunny and 43 when I began at 10am. Water clear and normal depth.

This beaver dam started out the trip with 5 browns and one nice male brookie.

I caught fish in every drop pocket with over 12 inches of water. I had many...many hits with no hook ups. Blamed that on the clear water and sun.

picked up 5 browns and three brookies from this run.  No gill lice.

Most holes with any depth were loaded with trout

I scored my 19th tiger trout. A "Driftless Trifecta"

This is the last hole I hit.  I assessed the hole and thought the bigger trout would be on side near the rock on the right. The area looked deeper there

I dropped my spinner in about 2 feet from the rock and let it drop for 2 count.

My panther martin was slammed immediately upon retrieving.

I popped a photo of him and sent him on his way downstream about 20 yards so he wouldn't spook the hole.

I fired in at the bottom of the fast water at the head of the hole and got hammered again.

I set him free downstream also.

I landed another 6 trout in the hole.

I quit fishing at 2pm.  It was 58 degrees out and very sunny.

I landed 47 browns 22 brookies and one tiger.

Not another track on stream.  I saw no other living beings.  I interacted with only the trout.

March 29, 2020

Two Favorite Trout of "2019"

This covid 19 thing has me housebound.  I looked at my files and log books for 2019.  Two browns stood out as my favorites of 2019.  It wasn't even a completion. Then I tried to figure out why.

They aren't the biggest ones of 2019.

Then it became clear.

I love browns and male browns with kypes.

Then the locations came to mind.  They were both caught on childhood streams I fished with my dad.

It was crystal clear then.

March 28, 2020


“Some men fish all their lives without knowing it is not really the fish they are after.”

My Favorite Trout Photos I Have Taken

March 26, 2020

March 24, 2020

Scouting Mission "Needle In A Haystack"

Scored 2 huge permissions over the last couple days. Both connect. Talked to the owner of the lower part this morning.  I asked him if he ever had chased trout in there.  He told me once 50 years ago when he soaked a worm for 20 minutes.  He told me exactly where to go so I would be close to the water.

My view from near the vehicle.  I was going to leave the rod in the vehicle but the urge to try this massive water "Needle In A Haystack" was more than I could stand.

I walked 300 yards and worked the three areas pictured.

This stretch was very intimidating and the amount of water to cover daunting. The water was still kinda cold so I hit slack water and obvious step drops.

I felt under gunned for the waterway. I hit the hole pictured above.  I slowed my retrieve at shore because there was a deep slow area near the bank.  My spinner suddenly slammed on the breaks and then continued.  I dismissed it as a log or snag.  I threw in the area 20 more times.  No snags or logs. I even slowed my retrieve even more to try to snag.  No snags.....My next thought was: "Giant trout or maybe a pike,"

This needle in a haystack area will need some more exploring with some bigger stick baits the next time.  I barely scratched the surface of this new permission.

March 23, 2020

Trip Report "Better Than Sitting At Home"

Hit the water at 2pm. Temp 41 degrees and overcast. Stream up about 10 inches still and cloudy. Stream temp was 37.  Richland County.

Fished until 6pm. 44 degrees outside stream temp still 37. Still cloudy.

Eight trout to hand. Nothing big.

March 22, 2020

Five Years Ago "Endurable Memory"

It was a late Fall day. It was quite warm out.  The wife and I went to Wyalusing state park to look off the three beautiful vistas there.

Just after this photo I walked up the stairs to take a more panoramic shot.  I stopped at the top of the stairs and focused my camera.

I detected movement by my feet and looked down near my right ankle and there sat a big fat rattlesnake sunning himself not 10 inches from my foot.

I froze in place....did not yell....I calmly told Barb to stay down there for a while...after the snake soaked up enough sun it crawled into the rocks near the stairs.

Barb and I went there yesterday.  I went on the same steps but the temperature was 36 and no rattlesnake that day.

March 13, 2020

Trip Report "Friday The 13th"

Our first stop at a tiny stream in western Crawford county was a quick one due to the cattle in the stream and zero visibility and potentially a bull.

We went to a second location and there were anglers on it.  We thought the bad luck of the full moon and Friday the 13th might bring us bad fishing.

Our third choice had no anglers and no cows.  There were zero tracks streamside so we were really psyched and for good cause.

Gary and I landed approximately 100 trout this afternoon.

Gary caught a driftless area trifecta,  The brookie did not want its photo taken but the near state record tiger trout posed for a couple photos and was promply release.  It was Gary's first tiger ever.