June 26, 2020

Trip Report "Weeds Up To Your Neck"

6am until 9am.  water little murky. sunny and 72 by 9am.

Caught about 30 browns between us.

Dale Schultz.

June 23, 2020

Trip Report "Bees and Butterflies and Thistles"

It has rained a lot here over the last 2 days.  Cabin fever got the best of me and I had to wander.

My wandering had a mission if the streams were unfishable. The streams in Richland County were blown out.

Last night I was thinking about my mother.  She passed away 6 months ago yesterday.

I decided if the streams were too dirty I was going to go on the backroads near my hometown. I decided I would look for my mother's Musk Thistle she saw 2 years ago on one of our wander about at this exact time of year.

The Musk Thistles were exactly where my mom and I discovered them 2 years ago. The bumble bees were busy collecting nectar.

The Aphrodite Fritillary were also collecting nectar.

The streams were clean in Crawford County. My first and second choices to fish were occupied.

My third choice was free.  I spoke to the land owner and petted his Great Pyrenees dog "Princess"

Partly sunny and 66 degrees.

An Easter Tiger Swallowtail posed on a field thistle for a photo.

Fished for 2 hours.  23 browns to hand.

The below brown was best trout of the outing.  I thought I had a monster on at first.  It was very powerful and hugged the bottom. I got it under control and to the net.  I smiled and thought: "This trout thought it was bigger."

On the way home I stopped at the cemetery and talked to my mom.  I told her that her thistles were back. Her spiderwort was also in the same place.

She may be gone but she will never leave.  

June 18, 2020

Trip Report " Shannon Columb and Jason Freebersyser "

Hit the water at 5:30 am. 66 degrees. Water clear and small. Head Water.

We ended the morning at about 9am. We landed about 2 dozen between the three of us.

June 15, 2020

Trip Report "Weeds" Crawford

Returned for the second time chasing a couple bigs that eluded me in early March.  I hit the water at 11:30am.  Overcast and 64 when I began. The water was very dirty still.  I drove all the way there so I was going to fish.

I was on the water for over an hour before I scored my first trout here. I actually thought about turning around after an hour.  Center of above photo there is a tiny spring feeding in and that is where I caught my first little.  Then the cows went in the water upstream and made it filthy.  I sat down for 20 minutes and let it clear.

After this hole the waterway went into the woods and weeds to my chest.  It was hard sledding for a while.

The fishing picked up and I was glad I did not turn around.

I have been babying my right hand as of late.  Injured my thumb trying to do some carpentry.  Hooked up on a big one that I needed to use force to turn away from submerged logs.  My thumb screamed at me as I exerted pressure on the hooked jawed male.

I got to use my net today.  Second biggest trout of the year.

Did not measure it. It was at least 20 inches and then some. Stopped fish at 4:30pm.  77 degrees and partly sunny 29 browns to hand total.  Lost a couple more at shore that were photo worthy. Had to put on 2 kinds of bug spray three times to be able to tolerate the deer flies and gnats.

June 13, 2020

Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine Summer 2020


I scored another photo in the magazine.

Is an oldie but goodie.  From back when I guided.  The son on the right bought a guided trip for his Father's birthday.

New Glarus

Went with my sweetheart to New Glarus yesterday.

June 07, 2020

No Fishing Today "Hiking"

Wife has week and a half off and asked me to hiking with her.  It felt really odd to be out there without a rod in my hand.

She took me to her new favorite secret place.

The view was quite spectacular

June 03, 2020

Crawford County Independent "Outdoor Writer Contest"

I have been a frequent contributor to the newspaper for over 15 years.  The editor Charlie Preusser submitted some of my writings to a state wide Outdoor Column Writing Contest.  I won 3rd place. Thanks Charlie!!


June 02, 2020

Trip Report Dale and Ron

Met up at Dale's at 10am.  Headed westward in a constant light rain.  Got to our destination as the rain stopped.  Small stream in Crawford County. It was 62 degrees and overcast when we began.

Was bright sun and 82 when we ended.  We nearly melted.

Between the three of us we landed 34 browns.

Ron Kuehn and Dale Schultz the first of June 2020.

This stream was once my most prolific brook trout stream.  Zero brook trout on this outing.

May 31, 2020

Two Thumbs Down

I bought a Shimano Stradic in February at Cabelas in Prairie du chien.  It failed me two months into season.  Cabelas replaced the reel no questions. Two months later the new stradic had same failure.  The bale refuses to close half the time.  Oiled and lubed and still malfunctioning.  A 225.00 reel needs to last longer than 2 months.  NEVER will buy another.

May 25, 2020

Magical Place

A magical place that exists in the heart of every trout angler.

May 22, 2020

Trip Report "Rob Gooze"

Hit the water at 9:30am.  Overcast skies.  Water clear and 62 degrees.

Rob started with caddis and ended with nymphs.

Between the two of us we caught about 60 browns.

May 21, 2020

Trip Report "Bangers and Brooders"

Went out this morning with Dale Schultz,  Overcast and 62 degrees.  Water good clarity and level.

We caught 40 browns between us on this stretch.

I am going to introduce a new word to you in my "trout speak." It is a "BANGER." A banger is a ferocious hit that nearly rips the pole out of your hand and you don't understand why there was no hook up.  I had a banger on this stretch.    I did not see the fish

The weeds grew a foot since the last time I fished this stretch. Two more weeks and weeds will block access.  Dale had a 12:30 appointment and we had to cut this stretch short.

Odd occurrence on stream.  Dale saw a female deer on the other side of the stream.  It did not act afraid until we moved. The doe busted upstream out of sight.  About 40 seconds later we heard a loud commotion where the doe had left from.  There was a loud noise...like a loud scream. We figured it was a fawn and it was scared.  The Mama deer came blasting through the weeds and then looked like it chased a coyote away from its fawn.  Wild Kingdom episode just across the stream from us.

I still had some gas in my tank and went to another stream in Richland County.

I went in at a bridge and hooked a fish on my first cast.  I got excited when I saw brookie colors.  A quick examination told me that this 14 inch male brookie was a brooder.  Its tail was short and rounded and the fins were stubby.  No photo warranted.

Fished for another hour and caught another one of those stubby tailed frankenfish brookies.  This one was approximately 15 inches and again no photo.  I have never caught brookies in this waterway. Again no photo.  Too warm and big of water to sustain brookies.

I landed another 14 browns.

Near the end I had another banger.  I saw this fish.  The big stone headed brown was laying right where a root system hung in the water.

May 19, 2020

Trip Report "Typical"

4 hours on the water. Overcast and 55 degrees. Stream clarity good.

30 to hand.  Nothing big.